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New idea.

FEMINISM: The Musical.

Featuring captivating numbers such as:

  • "Your Views On Sex Are Valid (Just Don’t Tell Others What To Do)"
  • "The Negative Effects Of Patriarchy On Men Are Not Misandry"
  • "Intersectionality Or Nothing"
  • "Most Suffragettes Were Racist (So Stop Referencing Them To Discredit Me)"
  • "Street Harassment Is Not A Compliment"
  • The Friendzone Is Bullshit/It’s OK To Be Just Friends”

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People who complain about “unfunny feminists” are really getting on my nerves

And I’m not talking about the people who say “feminists can’t take a joke.” Those jerks are reserved for another post.

I’m talking about the people who go on feminism blogs to harass them and complain that they aren’t being entertaining. It’s usually when someone makes a post or starts a blog that tackles sexism by being sarcastic, using unconventional images (say, a 50s housewife or a Barbie doll making an angry comment about sexism) or by trying to make a joke about the offender’s stupidity that these troglodytes come out of the woodwork. This means the poster is now being harassed by people saying: “I wish you were funny” or “Try harder to make a joke next time” or, my favorite, “I WOULD like this blog if it were actually funny.”

Because that was our primary goal in our post that is calling out sexism—to be funny. To amuse you. It’s not like sexism is a serious issue, right? Discussion is worthless unless someone is laughing, isn’t it?

Get real, guys. Feminists aren’t here to amuse you. We’re not here to educate you. If we do decide to educate you, we’re not required to do it in a way that’s safe or fun for you. We are not here to make you comfortable.

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I find it hilarious how most people who are pro-life on the basis that it’s “not the woman’s body anymore” or “what about the baby’s body and decisions!” are the same people who want to give parents the right to force their pregnant teens to carry pregnancies to term. These are also the types of people who think parents should be allowed to spank, circumcise, vaccinate/not vaccinate, have final say in all medical decisions for their child and even restrict that child’s access to sexual health information by refusing the sign the permission slip when that time of year comes to the schools. Why, you’d think these people think they know better. That their decisions are better than the child’s. That what they think is more important than what the child thinks. That they OWN these kids.

Huh. Real cute, guys. What’s worse is that these people want to control people who are actually born and would rather lose their minds because of clumps of cells that have no autonomy and are inherently less important than the person carrying them. Incredible.

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I just had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday, so I’m in no mood to be fucked with. One false move and I’m gonna cut you down. I’m having none of your misogyny today.

Added bonus: My wisdom teeth MAY have grown in just fine and been beautiful teeth. But I didn’t want them and since they were using MY body to develop, it was my choice to cut them off. Abortion is like that. Not like the holocaust. Not like slavery. Not like genocide. If you call a woman who seeks an abortion a murderer (you know, like people like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. Look them up) today, I just may have to educate you on what murder is.

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If you’re one of those people who think that women wanting to be free to have sex with whoever they choose without being shunned, not wanting to have children, competing equally with men and generally not wanting to be a cute, innocent, “charming” person is a new thing, you’re an idiot.

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I really like how men who think they’re stronger and smarter than women

Who victim blame a woman for not being “tough enough” or “fighting back enough”

Who go on to laugh at a victim who is offended by his comments, as if to suggest they find her* pain funny

Who roll their eyes at harassment, rape, domestic abuse and murder statistics for women

are the first ones to cry “violence” when a woman says she oughta slap him or that he deserves to get beat up or mockingly says “kill all men.”

Yeah. Funny how that works.

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