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Know the difference between who a person is and when they are making excuses. There’s a gossamer-sized line between accepting a person as they are and defending their apathy. Don’t get caught in someone else’s issues because once you’re stuck, trying to get out can be like fighting against quicksand. You just can’t win. In fact, trying to win will likely be your downfall.

Don’t settle for “that’s just the way they are.” A person who is there for you, dedicated to you, loves you and respects you will ALWAYS go above and beyond. They will challenge themselves and break their limits for you. So don’t pardon someone who ignores you because they’re the “life of the party” and don’t have time to make nice with any one person in particular. A person who cares for you will want you to be the life of the party with them.

Never shame yourself for wanting to call out a partner’s behavior. Who you are and what you need is just as important as who they are and what they need. The person who loves you wants to hear these criticism and will do their absolute best to take them in stride. Someone who loves you will take you seriously and promise to do better in the future and actually make good on that promise. If you don’t feel like you can do that with someone, don’t excuse them as hot-headed or sensitive. Excuse yourself from that relationship as fast as you can.

Know the difference between acceptance and getting trampled on. The person who loves you won’t break your back.

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And Columbus

During every subway ride downtown
and back,
there is a window,
a pocket of time where I remember,
whether you are here
to set the city aglow
or casting your light
a distant while away

And by the time I see it,
it’s been years;
that star is dead,
and you long abandoned that place

But I will always think of you
in those seven paces
counting down from 100
and vice versa
Dec. 7, 2012, ~9:30 p.m. 

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