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I really like how men who think they’re stronger and smarter than women

Who victim blame a woman for not being “tough enough” or “fighting back enough”

Who go on to laugh at a victim who is offended by his comments, as if to suggest they find her* pain funny

Who roll their eyes at harassment, rape, domestic abuse and murder statistics for women

are the first ones to cry “violence” when a woman says she oughta slap him or that he deserves to get beat up or mockingly says “kill all men.”

Yeah. Funny how that works.

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Reasons why men shouldn’t be allowed to have Viagra

  1. Sex has consequences. If you were able enough to have sex, you could get somebody pregnant. You’re most likely experiencing ED if you’re older. If that’s the case, do you really think you should risk that at your age? There’s lots of consequences I’m sure you don’t want that could result from sex, so men should just deal with it and abstain.
  2. The medication has side-effects. I can’t recall where I read a lot of this, but I know guys who permanently damaged their reproductive organs with Viagra. It’s better you just deal with this the natural way. ED doesn’t mean you can NEVER have sex, right? And what if one day you start trying to have kids again and you find out you’re infertile? Better think twice about that Viagra, boys!
  3. Getting older is natural and beautiful. Why fight it? I know you’re uncomfortable now, but getting older is a wonderful thing! You can still find lots of joy in being older and you definitely don’t need all the things you used to have, including sex, to be happy. I know men can get depressed about being old, but it’s just that they don’t understand! Everyone should love being old, not try to mess with nature.
  4. Some religions don’t allow tampering with the body. Your body is a temple and you shouldn’t mess with it. Using these drugs to help you have sex is soiling yourself.
  5. You shouldn’t be so sex-crazed, anyway. What will women think if they find out? You’ll look pathetic, desperate and like you’re soooo horny that you’ll buy medicine just to make sure you’re still able to have sex.
  6. Older dudes having sex is nasty. Don’t get me wrong. I love men. I respect a man’s choice when it comes to sex. But honestly, who wants to have sex with an older guy, anyway? Sorry I don’t have much of a basis to support this, but I just think it’s wrong. Maybe you should take ED as God or nature’s way of telling you not to screw anymore.
  7. I’m drawing a parallel to birth control and abortion in case you couldn’t tell. Now everybody who has a problem with my decisions about my body can go away.

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My current crisis with feminism

I’m not going to pretend this will last forever, that this goes for any feminist or ally, or that everyone should/will feel this way.

But what I will say is that sometimes when I get the chance to think, I feel so defeated.

I’m forever told that:

  • "Women don’t get guys that way"
  • "You shouldn’t approach a man like that"
  • "He treated you that way because you got too unruly"
  • "You’re too intimidating for a man"
  • "You’re going to be lonely for the rest of your life"
  • "Stop calling out the guys you like and they won’t run from you"

And this evening I just feel like I’ll never have any real guy friends or a boyfriend who truly respects me. I have so many guy friends, but I get so disappointed when some of them are misogynistic or treat me like I’m “one of the guys.” That is, they sometimes punch me on the shoulder (hard. I’m barely 125 lbs. I’m not as tough as I’d like to be), mock me, get aggressive, tell me I ask for what I get because they forget that although I am strong and identify with them (sometimes), I have my own gender identity. Being a feminist does not make me a man. It does not make me a lesbian—and speaking on that, even if I WAS  a lesbian, that does NOT make someone a man either. Lesbians are women. Period. But ultimately, it does not make me “one of them.” Saying: “If you want to be equal to us, you have to sleep in your bed” is bullshit. Feminism isn’t about blurring gender lines. It’s about respecting EVERYONE, gender and all.

And sometimes I interact with women I can’t relate with. They tell me I’m scary. They tell me I am clueless. They tell me to get used to being lonely and abused if I don’t change. I watch reality TV with some of them and the women they idolize, who are so loved and respected, make me feel like an outsider. I do not want to ever behave like them. I don’t see anything wrong with how they choose to act, but most of them are privileged white women who don’t necessarily have to fight for anything if they don’t want to. I can’t identify with them, but I feel pressured to conform to their standards of behavior in order to be liked.

And that’s a shame. Anyone, feminist or not, should have just as much a chance at being respected by their peers. No one should have to conform to the crap in magazines, reality TV, advertising, whatever to feel like they belong. And right now I just feel like no one could ever love me for who I am and accept my feminism. I’m always going to be the “feminazi bitch” men don’t want to be associated with. I am in my own world.

This will pass soon, but I think it’s important to share with other feminists or strong women who may not choose to identify with feminism that your fight may not be the easiest. You may feel unloved and excluded. You may want to give up. But never do. Because we’re all in this together.

And that’s my rant for tonight. Thank you.

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