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Fall in love with someone who thinks everything you do and everything that happens to you is a big deal. Fall in love with someone who thinks someone paying you a compliment is a testimonial to how awesome you. Who thinks anything you create is your finest masterpiece. Who thinks anything great that happened at work is grounds for a promotion. Who worries you’re on your deathbed any time you have so much as a small cold. Who hears you skipped breakfast this morning and is afraid that you’re mistreating your body. Who takes the time to do certain things to your liking because your desires and comfort are just that important.

Give your heart to someone who cherishes and loves even the things you can’t control about yourself, your life or current situations. Hang on to the person whose affection, protection and kindness comes naturally and without premeditation. That’s when you know that person isn’t sticking around for the moment or at the behest of their current whim. That’s when they’ve decided to camp out and make a home out of the corridors your heart. That’s when they’ve dedicated themselves to every part of you.

And if you’re ever not sure that’s the case, take the time to notice if together you have a relationship or if together you rule the world. The world should derail from its axis and the streets should quake when you two step out in them. True love will cause a blackout.

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There are no words that can be strung together breathtakingly enough to describe how it feels when someone looks at you like you are the world — as if they were awed by how the universe conspired just-so to bring you to being and have you by their side.

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Things to remember:

  • Someone who loves you will never make you feel bad about living your life.
  • A sign of a healthy relationship is being able to go for a few days without talking without worrying that the person is ignoring or betraying you.
  • Someone who is meant to be in your life will love all of you. All. Of. You. Even the bad or scary parts.
  • Treasure someone who listens to your worst inner thoughts without flinching. They plan to be there for the long haul.
  • You’ll know a person cares about you if they cater to you in the littlest of ways. Like stopping to get ice cream because you mentioned you want some or buying you a large instead of a small or watching a show with you even though it’s not really their thing. Your comfort should be just as important to them as theirs is to you.
  • You are not obligated to give unconditional love to anyone who puts conditions on the love they give you. If someone isn’t contributing to ANY kind of relationship, it is acceptable to cut them off.
  • Love yourself, but don’t stress out if you don’t 100 percent of the time. Complete self-acceptance is a journey, and it takes time.

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There’s something deeply frightening and wonderful in knowing exactly what face someone is going to make in a situation, predicting the tone of their voice and choice of words, being unsurprised by the way they interact with their environment in every situation. It’s scary and beautiful to know the course of every emotion one particular person feels, to know how to fix it, how to move in tune with them at every turn, no matter how chaotic it gets. It’s horrifying and delightful to think that your atoms vibrate in sync, the threads of your brain are knotted together, you walk the same line that leads you back to one another over and over again. It gets to the point where you could go your entire life without anyone else. You stop caring about who wants to be your friend, who does and doesn’t like you and all the miscellaneous strangers you were trying to impress before for reasons you can no longer pinpoint let alone understand. You stop trying to destroy yourself for other people, because finally, you have proof that the world can be better. You learn that most people suck, but the ones who don’t are the greatest gifts you have. Love is selfless that way.

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I don’t know what this is,
but I can feel it,
and that’s more than I can say about anything
even my aching bones
becoming dust under my skin

I’ve started to take shots
because I can clean a glass in seconds flat
and it would do nothing but settle
like an oil slick on my blood

But this is like
the great earthquake become fable
where I spent my childhood,
quaking in my heart valves
collapsing like ancient cathedrals

I don’t know what this is,
but I can feel it,
and that’s the only promise
I know I can make

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Know the difference between who a person is and when they are making excuses. There’s a gossamer-sized line between accepting a person as they are and defending their apathy. Don’t get caught in someone else’s issues because once you’re stuck, trying to get out can be like fighting against quicksand. You just can’t win. In fact, trying to win will likely be your downfall.

Don’t settle for “that’s just the way they are.” A person who is there for you, dedicated to you, loves you and respects you will ALWAYS go above and beyond. They will challenge themselves and break their limits for you. So don’t pardon someone who ignores you because they’re the “life of the party” and don’t have time to make nice with any one person in particular. A person who cares for you will want you to be the life of the party with them.

Never shame yourself for wanting to call out a partner’s behavior. Who you are and what you need is just as important as who they are and what they need. The person who loves you wants to hear these criticism and will do their absolute best to take them in stride. Someone who loves you will take you seriously and promise to do better in the future and actually make good on that promise. If you don’t feel like you can do that with someone, don’t excuse them as hot-headed or sensitive. Excuse yourself from that relationship as fast as you can.

Know the difference between acceptance and getting trampled on. The person who loves you won’t break your back.

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