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Because who doesn’t love watermelon, specially on shorts! I had an absolute blast putting this tutorial together. These shorts are perfect for any music festival, because as we all know, anything goes at these events. I found a dope pair of watermelon shorts on, but I figured I would just make my own for a fraction of the price. $85 vs. $15 bucks, I’ll take the DIY version any day. 


  • High waisted shorts 
  • Green Fabric Paint
  • Black Fabric Paint
  • White Fabric Paint
  • Fuchsia Rit Fabric Dye
  • Paint Brushes
  • Bucket 


1) Begin by prepping your bucket with hot water over a sink or outdoor surface. 

2) Follow the instructions on the Rit fabric dye package label and dye your shorts accordingly.

3) After your shorts have been dyed, washed, and dried, you can begin by painting the green bottom trim of your shorts. I would begin by finishing the front of your shorts, allow to dry, then move onto the back. 

4) Now move onto your black fabric paint and begin to paint round watermelon seeds throughout your shorts. Allow to dry. 

5) Once your green trim and black seeds are dry, finish off by painting the top of the trim with your white fabric paint. Allow to dry, and you’re set! 

XOXO - Drea 

PS. Please allow the shorts 72 hours to dry before putting them through the wash. 

PSS. You can apply this tutorial and make strawberry shorts instead too! Just substitute the fuchsia dye with red fabric dye. 

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Can clothing companies just stop…

stealing designs from indigenous people and/or citizens of other countries and calling it “Aztec inspired” or “Native American inspired” or any stupid variation of the sort? It’s not. You saw an elderly woman crafting a beautiful poncho by hand, stole her design, came back and made it out of shitty fabric in a factory where you pay little kids less than a dollar a day to make it, blew up the price to $70 and called it a “fashion poncho.” Fuck you.

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