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Sorry not sorry, but if lifers abuse their new lack of buffer zone between themselves and clinics, I hope they get knocked the fuck out.

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You know, I just gotta say, a big reason why I’m so pro-choice is the fact that I think we need to be focusing more on people who actually exist in this world. I literally do not care what a woman* wants to do with a fetus as long as they’re safe about it, whether that’s receiving adequate pre-natal care or getting an abortion or being treated justly by the adoption system. I do not care what happens to a fetus because a fetus is not something that holds any significance to anyone else except the person carrying it. A fetus isn’t going to feed the poor, it isn’t going to save people from sexual slavery, it isn’t going to straighten out the economy, it isn’t going to create jobs. Meanwhile, a child going hungry and attending a school that’s severely underfunded is losing opportunities by the second — including opportunities to grow up to make a difference in this world — and they are suffering. How am I supposed to give a damn about a fetus some person may or may not be carrying when other people who exist outside a womb need money to pay the rent and feed themselves? We need to start worrying about the people we co-exist with, not distracting bullshit like “potential life.”

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To anyone on this site considering abortion: DO NOT LISTEN TO PRO-LIFERS ON THIS SITE. DO NOT LISTEN TO LIFERS ANYWHERE.

It is YOUR choice. And ultimately, even if you do speak to a pro-choice person about it, your best bet is always to seek professional medical advice. Do not make decisions based on what ANY stranger on the Internet tells you to do. If someone posits their response to you as anything other than “it’s your choice,” stop speaking to them and run the other way.

But please for the love of any higher power that may happen to exist, the only advice you should be listening to is your own and a doctor’s. If you are considering abortion, seek professional care. Do not be manipulated. Stay safe and know that you are not a bad person. I may not be qualified to help you much, but you are welcome to come to me for comfort. I love you. Be as strong as you can.

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When will lifers learn that abortion largely isn’t because of what goes on in the womb or individual homes? It’s the social climate and culture we live in. Abortion isn’t a solution because “Mwahahaha! We want to “kill babies!” Because I mean, get real. That’s an action without an ends. What would be the purpose of that? What is the long term societal goal to simply getting abortions? There isn’t any.

Now, if we would fix the system to give our children a fighting chance, then maybe there would be fewer unintended pregnancies, and in the event of accidental pregnancies, maybe more people would be inclined to carry to term if they believed they could adequately care for a child with the resources in place. Just a thought.

So yeah, the government and our culture are racist, classist, sexist, but their goal isn’t to propagate abortion. It’s to preserve the system that has benefitted them so much. Now stop using poor PoC as faces for your out-of-touch propaganda. Stop using them as props and scapegoats. Just stop completely, actually.

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So you’re telling me that even if I catch a pregnancy early (because let’s stop pretending abortions happen super late in every scenario because that’s patently untrue, and if it does happen, it’s for medical reasons), early enough that it is literally a pool of dividing cells that look like this:


I can’t have an abortion because something that doesn’t even have fucking eyes yet has just as much value as ME??? Me who contributes to the economy, the marketplace of ideas and the lives of other born people is not in a position to truncate the growth of something that not only does NONE of those things but is also using me to grow because its value is EQUIVALENT to mine?? Tell me I’m dreaming.

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im-o-keij asked: Hey, what's wrong, kiddo? Did you give up? I'm sorry that you lack the brain power to actually argue facts, but it's okay. You'll make a beautiful cumdumpster some day.

I got bored. Please just stop now. I’m not going to believe that you’re serious no matter what you say. Reblogging you some more and using my wit and sass on you (and honestly, I commend your dedication to this troll. But there’s limits, y’know?) to no end I can justify as productive or meaningful is just not something I picture myself doing tonight or ever. It was fun and everything, but get some sleep. It’s 1 a.m. on this side of the States, and I’d really just like to get into my nightly mindless-reblogging-of-pretty-pictures and reading routine before I hit the hay. Playing Internet troll chicken is not something I find relaxing before I sleep. You should consider doing the same and walking away for the night.

Now on the .1 percent chance you’re not a troll and you’ve been totally serious the whole time and you are legitimately baffled that I doubt your current existence and I am not comprehending your flawless arguments: I feel so sorry for you.

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So let me get this straight.

We can allow people to get dogs and choose whether or not to spay or neuter them.

Then if an unspayed female dog becomes pregnant and the owner decides they don’t want to pay the expenses to birth the puppies and take care of them, that owner can take the dog to the vet and have the puppies aborted.

If we’re making an argument for the “voiceless,” then why isn’t the pro-life crowd extending their outrage to animals? After all, if the owner didn’t want the dog to get pregnant, why didn’t they spay her? Isn’t that irresponsible, so therefore the owner should pay the consequences? Y’know, because the dogs and puppies don’t have a say and it’s wrong to exert control over the lives of those who cannot speak…?

It’s almost as if lifers are self-important reactionaries obsessed with the idea that all people NEED to be born. And for what? What happens after? Where do these lifers go once all these babies are born?

Sorry, guys. But people don’t NEED to be born. Not every single fetus that was ever conceived needs to be born. I see no actual, reasonable argument that can express why every time a woman conceives, she needs to give birth. I mean, if your only reason for the “sanctity” of life equates to humanness, then maybe there’s some wars you should be trying to end or something. And maybe your rationale is painfully stupid and self-absorbed.

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House keeping post

I feel like if I’m going to fight for things that are right to me, I should make myself available. So for any followers or people who visit my blog, please feel free to use my ask box for questions on the following topics:

Abortion rights
Marijuana laws and consumption
Safe tattooing and piercing
Cooking/food (healthy food, food to impress a date, food on a budget, appropriate kitchenware, good beers)


EDIT: Oh! And Latin@ issues!

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