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This fall, New York City becomes the first city in the nation to tackle the issue of girls’ self-esteem and body image. Recognizing that girls as young as 6 and 7 are struggling with body image and self-esteem, (over 80% of 10-year-old girls are afraid of being fat and by middle school, 40-70% of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body), New York City is launching a self-esteem initiative to help girls believe their value comes from their character, skills, and attributes – not appearance. 

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Ok, guys, I’m assembling an NYC food giveaway.

Products I have in line to give away so far:

  1. Peanut butter from Peanut Butter Co.
  2. Chocolate-covered bacon from Baconery
  3. Brooklyn Brewery beer (winner’s choice!)
  4. ????? That’s where you come in ?????

Help me out with suggestions! 

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I just interviewed this woman about how she started an amazing Mexican artisan shop in the East Village. She has an incredible story.

I talked to her like we were old pals for two hours. Now I’m sitting on the patio of a coffee shop writing my whole story in a moleskin while sipping an Americano. In New York City. Is this real life? If it’s not, I hope I never find out.

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