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I get what you’re saying. Yes, it’s wrong for people to laugh at part of your traditions. But culturally, anyone celebrating Halloween outside of the Celtic community is being culturally inappropriate because it started as the Gaelic festival of Samhain which marked the end of the harvest season. As someone of Gaelic descent I’ve grown up knowing this my whole life.Does it mean I’m going to fault someone who celebrates Halloween. No. I am also of Scandinavian descent. The gods and goddesses of Greece, Italy, and Scandinavia, culturally important in all those communities, have been reduced to slinky, sexy costumes by people who have never picked up a book of mythology or know anything about the importance those gods and goddesses in the history of those cultures. I know the Greek and Roman myths as well as I do the Scandinavian ones, have read Ovid and Marcus Aurelius, and understand their place in that culture. Am I going to say people don’t have the right to dress how they wish or as what they wish for Halloween just because they may not understand the place of the Norse Gods and Goddesses in the history of part of my culture? No. Does it offend me? No. Because if I take offense at people celebrating Halloween which is enjoyed by so many diverse cultures and traditions aren’t I being a little too judgemental of a society where so many people belong to more than one culture. We’ve intermarried, intermingled and become a country where determining who belongs to what culture would be impossible. We’re a melting pot. Yes, keep your traditions. But also realize that if you want to live in a country such as ours that it is a blended society. Stating that people who go out on Halloween in Dia de los Muertos costumes are wrong because culturally they don’t know anything about or understand the holiday is like me saying I don’t think anybody in this country except those who are of Gaelic descent should be able to celebrate Samhain and we need to change the name of Halloween back to it’s original name and celebrate it in a traditional manner. If you want to to be culturally traditional and live in a place where the people who celebrate your history are only those of that particular culture, I’d say you’re living in the wrong country. If I felt that way about Samhain I’d go live in Ireland. This is America. Land of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. Besides, it’s important to remember that this country didn’t belong to anybody but the Native Americans until individuals from Mexico and Europe raped the Native American culture of its people, its land and its pride. Yet you don’t hear them moaning and groaning about people dressing as sexy Indians for Halloween, a holiday that is not part of their culture. You might think about that the next time you talking about Dia de los Muertos and cultural appropriation.

First of all, pinche gring@, Dia de los Muertos is NOT Halloween. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the same holiday. The only commonality is shares with Halloween is that it was the autumnal festival for indigenous folks in Mexico prior to the invasion.

I don’t care if it offends your or not. This isn’t fucking about YOU. Just because YOU are ok with people jacking and bastardizing your culture doesn’t mean the act itself is ok. Plus, how many people in the world can you name who still worship Greek or Roman or Norse gods? Their pertinence to actual people who exist today is abysmal, if it even exists at all. Dia de los Muertos is an awe-inspiring nationwide holiday that pays homage to the traditions rooted in Mexico’s past. Don’t you DARE tell me I’m being “judgmental” when people in this precious country of yours casually say things like “sugar skulls are so tacky/played out/trendy.” Sugar skulls and Dia imagery are NONE of those things. Neither is the face paint, the altars, the celebrations, you name it. They are symbols of RESPECT and to diminish them to nothing more than something fun for you to do if you’re bored is extremely insensitive. Dia imagery and festivities are a longstanding representation of who the Mexican people are after so much was wrought onto the country. It is a symbol of our perseverance and a sign of admiration to those who have crossed over. It is NOT a fucking white kid party.

That said, Americanized Halloween isn’t the same as it was at all when it was a Gaelic festival. Halloween today is loosely inspired from that culture. Also, the tradition of Halloween has a significantly less bloody background than that of Dia, which the Spanish fought to suppress. Natives were beaten and died trying to save their culture.

Don’t talk to me about intermingling and turn around and pretend you’re not being judgmental as fuck. I am MIXED. You are weaponizing your perceptions of me and I am NOT here for it. People who willingly share their culture with others are creating a different dynamic than white people who witness and culture and decide to copy it for themselves. There is no respect there. There is no courtesy. That is straight up stealing. That is assuming that oppressed people’s are there to amuse you. That is kicking dirt on years upon years of oppression and imperialism that approached culture with the very same attitude: take what you like, damn the rest. This attitude is dangerous. This attitude gets people killed.

"I’d say you’re living in the wrong country."

I was waiting for this. White people LOVE dressing up the phrase “go back to your country” so they can say it and try to dodge repercussions later because they didn’t say that exact thing. Fuck you. This IS my country, not because I 100 percent enjoy it or because it’s always been there or done the right thing. It’s because this is where I was born and raised. There is nothing I can do about that, there is little I can do to take back what it stole and continues to steal from me, but I’m not your little wetback to kick around.

I’m not saying there should be a goddamn law keeping people from doing what they want on Halloween. I know you’re entitled to your own behavior, but I am suggesting — and apparently it’s a wild concept — that people be critical of hurtful, oppressive actions. Is that so hard? Is the concept of respecting Mexicans so foreign and unheard of to you, that you can’t take a minute to examine why you might actually be wrong in a way that doesn’t center around your experience?

Besides, it’s important to remember that this country didn’t belong to anybody but the Native Americans until individuals from Mexico and Europe raped the Native American culture of its people, its land and its pride. Yet you don’t hear them moaning and groaning about people dressing as sexy Indians for Halloween, a holiday that is not part of their culture. You might think about that the next time you talking about Dia de los Muertos and cultural appropriation.

I’m glad you think the plight of my people can be boiled down to “moaning and groaning.” Oh, and gringuit@? There is an entire MASTER POST on Tumblr featuring Natives talking about appropriation on Halloween. There’s also scores of blogs run by actual Natives that speak on appropriation regularly. Are you going to go there and tell them to quit complaining after that (fake) little speech about how the land actually belongs to Natives? Think I’m joking? Read the following: My Identity Is Not A Costume For You To Wear! Yeah, I believe you *really* care about Natives. So yeah, you can stop weaponizing the struggles of PoC against me and trying to make me conform into someone who fits your white-supremacist standards of behavior for a PoC.

In conclusion, you are the biggest piece of trash to ever come onto my blog, and I never want to hear from you again. You actually don’t get what I’m saying at all. BYE.

Note to readers: This was submitted from someone not on a Tumblr account. I’m fairly certain this person actually has a Tumblr, but did not want to put their name on it. She went only as “Lindsay.” Apologies for not being able to be as transparent as I would like about the submission and the submitter. As much as I think she deserves a schooling, however, I am refraining from posting her email just in case it gets into more dastardly hands (read: white people who think they’re helping by sending death threats). Thank you for understanding.

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I miss Mexico so much it feels like my skin is on fire. But not my brownish outer shell like a coconut that can be whacked into submission until it gives it juices. It’s a burn underneath that membrane. It is in my nerves, in my blood and in my tissues. It cannot be reached no matter the clawing and tearing. It only eats away extraneous bits like the straw hair of el coco. It cannot be touched — only felt — let alone put out. I could turn my body red and raw, but it won’t give me the golden moon over the verdant mountains. It won’t give me the fireflies kissing the rooftops or the fluttering creatures in the sweet grass. Even if I found a way to my bones, I won’t find pan dulce straight from the oven and warm smiles and fruit stands. I’ll still wake up morning after morning sans the smell of grilling meat, spices and tortillas. I won’t stir with the cockcrow or the gas vendor. El Popo will still smoke on the horizon visible from my tia’s door. But no matter how I strain my eyes, I’ll find concrete and my electricity bill and traffic. I’ve got an inferno inside me that cannot die. It can only be soothed. But it’s been far too long since I tended the fire and prodded at the logs for embers. Mexico — lindo y querido — I can’t go on much longer. I’m afraid I’ll spontaneously combust.

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