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I was never one for a white Christmas, probably because I never knew them. Fighting the gifts into the trunk in a puddle of slush didn’t seem very attractive, so I stuck to looking at stills of snow-dusted trees in a forest far, far away from the smog that clung to the skies above me. I crave a Los Angeles Christmas: The kind where I and my mother found ourselves in the grocery store parking lot on the 20th for something last minute and we’d get caught in the rain. The kind where, in the middle of the sudden downpour after a month without a drop, we’d run into a stranger who lifted his brown coat he’d hastily thrown over himself, then smirked under his makeshift cover and said: “Strange weather we’re having, huh? Merry Christmas!” It would be hot for the rest of the week.

I always thought Christmas was supposed to be grandma’s kitchen, stuffy and rundown, sweltering from the oven. We could never quite find respite from it with the sun glowing so strongly outside, though I always found freedom in the fact that I could go down to the beach and throw myself in the waters and swim wherever I wanted when everyone else away from California sang about being inside. Meanwhile, I dream of cut-off shorts and driving with the top down.

Keep your white Christmas. Keep the fireplace and the icicles on the rooftops. Keep the sweaters and scarves and boots. I’ll be fine so long as the sun always shines over my home.

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My atheist dad has just as much a right to celebrate Christmas as you do

He grew up in an American household full of Christians. Just because he later abandoned the church for his own sanity doesn’t mean he can’t respect his family’s traditions. I’m sick of the right wing trying to shame a good man with good intentions just because he doesn’t believe that the Invisible Man had a son.

Like my dad always says: I ain’t a murderer. I ain’t a child rapist. I ain’t nothing like that and I hate anyone who does wrong. But I get to spend the rest of my supposedly immortal life with these people? I get punished because I don’t require the threat of punishment from some god that might not even exist to be a good person? I can only be a good person if I’m scared into it? Right, guys. Real good religion you got there.

Keep talking, conservatives. This man used to be a member of the Republican Party. Now your psychotic “Christian” beliefs made him non-partisan. You pander so hard to the white man, that you’ve driven out the very white men you want to pander to. Fuck you and your war on Christmas and your misrepresented “God.” I do have some religious views, but y’all should be ashamed. Telling me that my dad is what’s wrong with America because he doesn’t have a religion is barbaric. Shame on all of you. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

Not to mention that he married a POC and has a POC daughter (me) and he sees you and your racism. He fucking sees your intolerance just like us, so give up that “playing the race card” trash.

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