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Quiere cantar su alegria a mi tierra Mexicana

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Can we start kicking white people out of Latin@ countries for having Frida Kahlo Tattoos?

No, are you an idiot?
 People of all color are allowed to love an artist. Not just you.

I actually don’t give a fuck what you think tbh

And not when they misrepresent her and simultaneously disrespect her people, but have the nerve to have her face permanently on their skin. Plus, it’s difficult enough to find a PoC representation in the art world. Can we at least have her without whites using her as their symbol as well when they don’t actually know shit and take their expensive-coffee-shop-opening, green-energy-loving, unnecessary-glasses-wearing, gentrifying, hipster asses into Latin@ neighborhoods just to act stupid and be disrespectful (eg: San Francisco’s Mission District)?

And LMAO at tagging the idiot who responded to your original post tagging it as “racism.” People really do wish white folk were oppressed, don’t they?

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    How close-minded. If you want racism to stop, you have to stop treating things as an issue of race. Being proud of your...
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    “What is interesting, is that the Frida Kahlo venerated by American feminists is a very different Frida Kahlo to the one...
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    ^^^ (eg: Austin!) I went to a feminist *cough* bookstore and they were selling handmade *coughbywhitepeoplecough* Frida...
  14. perdidagatita said: God, I hope so. What about white guys with dreadlocks and Che Guevara shirts?