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To anyone who insists that the “friendzone” doesn’t act as justification for abusive and dangerous behavior toward women, did you SEE what happened when Gaston got “friendzoned?”

Like, first of all, she was very obviously rejecting his advances, but he was so entitled, he still kept aggressively flirting with her and bothering her. Dude took her book and threw it into the mud for fuck’s sake!

Then he takes it even further and thinks he can just waltz right into her house and PROPOSE. They haven’t been on a single date and this guy just thinks he’s gonna slap a ring on her, shack up with her and pop out a bunch of kids!

Then when she rejects him, he tries to force her into it. By committing her father to a mental institution—by bribing the guy in charge, no less—and will only help her if she marries him. Did I mention they haven’t gone on a SINGLE date yet?? He literally repeats the fact that he “deserves” Belle because she’s smokin’ hot and he thinks he is, too. And because of this, he thinks Belle is literally obligated to comply and go out with him because, duh—I’m hot and only date/sleep with hot bitches.

THEN when she manages to foil his plan, he turns the whole damn village against her because he thinks she and the Beast have a little somethin’-somethin’ going on.

Oh and btw, he locks her and her father in the basement. And runs off to kill her boyfriend.

All the while he’s berating him by saying stuff like he’s gonna take Belle away from him or that Belle can do so much better—and by better he means himself. And even after bro gets his ass kicked and the Beast is chill enough to let him go, he stabs him anyway right when he and this woman (aka: harpie slut beast who dared say no to him) are having a romantic moment.

So to recap, Gaston is creepy as hell, thinks Belle is required to marry him, then goes to extreme levels to force her to comply with his wishes because he just can’t fathom the idea that she doesn’t want him and is so furious about the friendzone. He locks her father up, then locks her up and storms her boyfriend’s house in a jealous rage—THEN STABS HIM. This guy took the friendzone so horribly, he abused one person and killed another.

Oh, but just so you don’t go off thinking the Beast was a perfect saint, did you SEE how that dude reacted when she didn’t want to go out to dinner (errr, well—I guess have a romantic dinner in with him). He, like, broke the ceiling and told his servants to let her starve until she went out with him.

If that doesn’t say “scary shit” to you, I don’t know what else I can say. I really don’t.

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