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Literally every traumatic event in my life has been due to a man. This is why it is impossible for me to give a single iota of a fuck about “misandry.” I’m sorry that feminists hurt your feelings. Truly. That sucks and everything, but I cannot bow my head in…

Do you have any tricks other than making fallacious twists on someone’s original words to coddle yourself?

Do you have any better comebacks when someone recognizes your stupidity and throws it back in your face?

Jesus Christ, dude. You literally think you’re always right, don’t you? You aren’t even going to try to understand that your “arguments” are baseless and fallacious.

Says the little shit who made the first baseless and fallacious claim in which she says she doesn’t care about misandry because everyone who personally wronged her was male.

It is NEVER an effective argument to simply reword an original statement with words that make it seem uncomfortable. You can literally manipulate any piece of text to make it sound bad. You’re not intelligent. You are not edgy. You are not throwing anything anywhere.

A brain-dead satire hater on Tumblr. Pathetic yet unsurprising.

The only thing this proves is that you’re incapable of an original thought and instead need to plug your boring, trite diatribe into every post you make in the hopes that if you repeat it enough, you’ll sound reasonable and firm. Please come off it.

"Boring, trite diatribe" bitches the feminist.

Either make an educated argument or stand aside. This post isn’t for you to use to boost your ego. You are not trying to make any valid points. You just want to use your blog as an excuse to call everyone else stupid. I think it’s time you look at yourself and figure what you hate so much about who you are that drives you to act like such a creep.

You make a factual argument instead of generalizing off your personal experiences and I’ll take disingenuous sleaze like you seriously.

What is wrong with you, seriously…? Why are you so angry? Why do you care this much? What do you do with your time?

My God, I’m sorry your self-esteem is in the pisser, but why is it my fault?

A feminist bitches about others being angry. Pot calls kettle black. African-American. Person of color. Household item of color.

You chose to broadcast your personal beliefs on a public forum. Don’t come back crying and pretending it’s not ‘your fault’ that others read it and responded to it.

Stupid fuck.


How do you turn this little tyke off? He’s just got so much energy…. :|

Ooh, look, I’m paperdemons and I’m bitching about how other people criticize my opinions booo hooo only I can have opinions and everyone else is just acting like a child!!

Still happening. Please love yourself. :|

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