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I don’t care how you frame it, if you think animals and their rights deserve more air time than people and their rights in your movement, you don’t give a shit about people and are likely 110 percent racist.

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white vegans be like “honey is unethical because the bees worked so hard on it that’s why I like the completely ethical alternative of sugar harvested by underpaid and abused fieldworkers”

Wow so you totally care about the workers that pick the crops to feed animals?

Oh and the indigenous peoples in other countries who have their land taken from them by animal agriculture businesses to 1) feed livestock and 2) house livestock?

Oh and the poor people who live near factory farms who suffer from diseases from all of the feces and urine and pollution and bad housing rates due to location?

Oh and you OBVIOUSLY care about the exploited workers who pick things like cacao beans for CHOCOLATE bc I always see carnists give a shit about that! Because quinoa isn’t the only cash crop you care about! That means you give a shit about all the soy and corn force-fed to animals that the workers pick like I covered in my first paragraph!

Teehee lets not forget that all of these people are generally PoC that are undocumented and poor as shit being exploited by big white animal agriculture businesses that don’t are about the hazards of slaughtering animals and the workers’ rights.

Shut the fuck up. A plant-based diet uses less resources and exploits less people than a carnist one.


Fuck you.

And here are my sources I researched long ago so go take a stick and shove it up your ass.

The biggest joke of all? You vegans only ever talk about exploitation of PoC after we call you out on it. Then suddenly you care. But you have no problem yapping about fucking BEES and guilting ~carnists~ for their diets because of what it does to ANIMALS. Then soon as we ask why you never frame the discussion around people, you shit your diapers and throw fits like this to hide the fact that you’re extremely racist and care about bees before you care about people. So nah. FUCK. YOU. WHITE. BITCH.

That is absolutely incorrect.

Vegans DO frame our discussions around people. Vegans DO raise awareness about how negatively animal consumption and the actual process of animal agriculture itself impact people. Vegans have provided many, many sources that indicate the negative effects a non-vegan lifestyle has on people, without being prompted or asked to, without being called out. Vegans have been having this discussion for a long time. Where have you been???

All of these things influenced our choices to go vegan and to say we never talk about these important topics is at best ignorant and at worst an outright lie. If it is the former, you should start paying attention to vegan discussions and start doing some research, because these things ARE there. There is so much information out there that shows vegans discussing the benefits veganism will bring to people’s lives, and how harmful animal agriculture. Resources are being wasted on livestock that could be used to improve the lives of PEOPLE. We have been saying this for years. That’s why we get really fucking annoyed when people “call us out” because if you actually paid attention to the movement, you would see the discussion you claim we lack ACTUALLY taking place.

But veganism is an animal rights movement, so forgive us for wanting to center a lot of our other discussions around them, and for keeping their interest in mind, too. But don’t try to claim we don’t give a shit about people and never address the struggles people face. WE DO. Just because a vegan makes a post about bees, or dairy, or whatever it may be, that doesn’t automatically mean all vegans don’t give a fuck about people. Believe it or not, it is possible to care about both animals and people at the same time, and it is possible to advocate for the rights and well-being of both.

This whole “white vegans be like” thing is so fucking tiresome because it’s just not even remotely true. There are are sooo many non-white vegans advocating for animals (including fucking BEES) and people. To erase their experiences and ignore their contributions to our discussions is wrong.

Open your eyes, do a Google search, and start paying attention.

Bullshit. Total utter bullshit and the fact that you have the audacity to say this and believe it is disgusting. Your care about people goes so far as health. And that’s chill and all, but when I’m over hear screaming my head off about migrants, never once has a vegan person contributed to anything. Never once has a vegan stood up for me. Never once do vegans come to the Latinx side of Tumblr to break bread. How fucking dare you.

But veganism is an animal rights movement, so forgive us for wanting to center a lot of our other discussions around them

Aaaaaaand there it is. That didn’t take long did it? It didn’t take long for your bogus argument to corrode into this. Look how indignant white people get when we question why they put animals at the center of discussions. “So forgive us if…” Like I’m so cruel for being critical of the fact that you want to invest your time in an animal rights movement and defend their right to be at the forefront of your discussions. Animals should never take center stage over people. Never ever ever ever. You lose. Goodbye.